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Competency assessments and individual learning plans

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Pathfinder assessments

Our Pathfinder assessments have been designed to lock on to knowledge gaps, eradicate low levels of understanding and provide direction on the way ahead.

On our travels we repeatedly found the following two problems:

    1. Organisations are often not aware of the scale of the lack of knowledge or awareness and where to best concentrate its efforts.
    2. Individual managers either don’t appreciate their lack of knowledge or are reluctant to admit that they lack such a basic requirement.

So, we designed a simple methodology and online assessment tool that identifies knowledge gaps for both individuals and groups and then recommends learning plans. Hey Presto – 2 problems solved!

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Custom pathfinder assessments don’t cost the earth…

We can build assessments based on your competencies, your questions and we can recommend any learning intervention to address the knowledge gaps.

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We will do the work for you. We can manage the whole process, you provide us with access to your target audience and we will do the rest. Easy peasy.

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