The Brightbolts Manifesto

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With a General Election looming, it seems like the perfect time for us to publish our own manifesto, detailing our ethics, philosophy, vision, mission and values.

We hope that this resonates with you and gives you a good understanding of why we are in business, how we operate and what we want to achieve.

We very much look forward to having the opportunity of working with you.

Dave & Conor – Brightbolts Founders

Our Ethics and Philosophy

Creative, enjoyable and effective

Imaginative learning solutions that deliver for both the individual and the organisation.


Listening first and then exceeding expectations with solutions and services designed and delivered to truly meet the needs of our clients, to create value and make a difference.

Experience and professionalism applied

Delivering the best solutions for our clients based on our 35 years collective experience, knowledge and skills in eLearning, design, technology and management development.

Customisation and flexibility

Designed for you by us to meet your exact needs and challenges.

Honesty, integrity and transparency

Everything is clear and simple.


We take personal responsibility for our clients, projects, products and programmes.


We are in the business of imparting knowledge, creating acumen and fostering new skills. Facilitating the Eureka moment, creating value, making a difference and bringing about positive change.

Our Vision

We believe that we are on the face of the earth to create flexible, imaginative, enjoyable and effective learning solutions that impart knowledge, create acumen and encourage new skills. We are in the business of facilitating the Eureka moment – creating value, making a difference bringing about positive change for both the individual and the organisation. We provide our customers with the absolute very best solutions, services and experience, meeting communicated needs and exceeding expectations where ever possible.

Our Mission

Our mission at Brightbolts is to design and deliver the absolute very best online learning solutions for our clients. We apply our imagination, creativity, experience, skill and customer-centric focus to provide learning solutions that create value and make a difference, that meet communicated needs and exceed expectations. The purpose of our work is to impart knowledge, create acumen and encourage new skills, to bring positive change for both the individual and the organisation whilst at the same time providing an enjoyable, entertaining and innovative learning experience.

Our Values


Your needs are at the heart of everything we do


We take pride in exceeding expectations


Integrity informs the way we behave


Creating value for and making a positive difference to our clients


Imaginative, innovative and creative design to educate, entertain and to positively affect change


We do this because we enjoy it.

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