Small but powerful

Performance metrics dashboards for your presentations and training programmes.



Performance metrics measure an organisation’s activities and performance, determining an organisations behavior and supporting a range of stakeholder needs from customer to shareholders and employees.

Communicating how these individual stakeholders can positively contribute to improving performance is tricky if the stakeholders do not understand the metrics in the first place.

We are experts in visualizing and simplifying complex concepts for delivery on-screen.

Our small but powerful Widgets have been designed to help you:

  • Demonstrate and explain complex concepts, metrics and ratios
  • Demonstrate how variation in performance can affect targets and the bottom line
  • Perform ‘What if analysis’ on your company or business area
  • Visually reinforce communication of key business performance issues
  • Allow stakeholders to interact and see how they can make a difference
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How can they be used:

  • Embedded in presentations
  • Placed on your company intranet/network
  • On your company website
  • In your eLearning courses
  • In your training programmes
  • Locally on employees’ computers as part of a tool kit
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